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Government Initiatives @ Genome Valley

The State Government’s vision to promote Genome Valley

The state government of Telangana has a positive policy towards life sciences industries and a clear vision for the growth of the Genome Valley cluster. Towards this end, the government has been actively promoting the cluster in several forums in order to attract and invite multinational companies to Genome Valley. The Hon’ble Minister of Industries Shri K.T. Rama Rao personally invited Dr. Paul Stoffels, Global Head of Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, to showcase Genome Valley and invite him to develop R&D operations in the cluster.

The government’s efforts have already started gaining traction with Chemo Group (a Spanish life-sciences conglomerate), Ferring Pharmaceuticals (a Swiss pharma major) and GE (a USA conglomerate) among other major players showing interest in setting up facilities in the cluster.

Biologics Manufacturing Hub

The state government is marketing Synergy Square 3 of Genome Valley as a biologics manufacturing destination.

The central government’s Indian Council for Medical Research (“ICMR”) will be investing approximately Rs 330 crores (about USD 50 million) to develop a National Animal Resource Facility for Biomedical Research (“NARF-BR”) in Synergy Square 2, which will be the county’s largest facility of its kind.

GE Healthcare is proposing to establish a Flex Factory Concept wherein they would be setting up Single Use Upstream and Downstream Areas for clinical development of vaccines, biosimilars and biologics. This will enable various bio-pharma companies to use the GE Facility for fast track development of their products, reducing down-time for the revalidation of equipment such as fermenters in the facility. A majority of the piping will be of single use and may be replaced immediately.

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